SMG 2015 Tourism OutlookSMG Consulting’s 2015 Tourism Outlook, a comprehensive review of relevant economic and travel industry data as it relates to the California tourism industry, is now available for download. This, the 8th edition of this annual report, is real tourism research designed to help you develop real solutions.

This always free research provides the tourism industry with both the good news and potential issues to keep tabs on. It also includes the insights and observations of Carl Ribaudo, President of SMG Consulting, who has done extensive work with DMOs throughout California and the U.S.

The Tourism Outlook is a must-read for any destination marketing executive. It includes useful information including federal and state level economic data, airline, lodging and gaming data, along with SMG’s robust analysis and forecasts. New for 2015 is a complementary narrated slideshow by Carl Ribaudo.

Get your free copy of the 2015 SMG Tourism Outlook and the accompanying podcast today.

Here’s wishing you and your destination a successful 2015.