Once in A Lifetime Experiences

Today’s traveler wants their own personalized travel experience with an injection of local culture and a smooth transaction.

Travelers want to visit new destinations with new places to eat, shop, stay and more over-the-top adventures that align with their values and social media status. Experiences range from total immersive wellness-Cannabis retreats to ecological voluntourism expeditions, or a story-driven walkabout in historic downtown.

Setting the pace of this new trend – in all aspects of our lives – are Millennials who insist on exploring the world in a new way; to uncover and discover the local culture and share their stories and imagery with others via social media and travel review sites.

The Take Away

One way DMO leaders can align and harness this trend is making sure your marketing messaging and content goes beyond, (replaces?), generic lists of location attributes, offerings or events at every visitor touchpoint.

Make sure your messaging and content leads, develops and closes with traveler’s thirst for personal experiences or adventure in mind while weaving key information bits within.

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