SMG Tourism, Technology + Marketing Workshop

SMG_TTT+M_LOGOTechnology has impacted digital marketing in a multitude of ways, inherently changing the marketing landscape.  Tourism executives need to stay informed and understand how these changes affect their marketing strategies, and how using these technologies can positively impact their bottom line.  The SMG Tourism, Technology + Marketing Workshop is designed to help executives with their digital marketing strategies, by providing hands on sessions ranging from social media to SEO basics.

Public Speaking

Everyone needs to understand this time of change and its impact on the tourism industry. With over 20 years experience in the tourism and hospitality industries, Carl Ribaudo, president of SMG, has been motivating attendees with engaging marketing presentations designed to cultivate new ideas and strategies to maximize productivity. From innovative online marketing strategies, brand development, product idea generation to the latest travel trends, SMG marketing presentations guarantee to educate and inspire your marketing team or community.