M&Ms thank youI recently bought some motorcycle riding gear for the upcoming riding season. It’s a ritual I go through every winter as I wait for the winter snow and ice to thaw, freeing the roads and high-mountain passes for my two wheeled bliss.

When the order arrived at my office I opened the box with my trusty pocket knife and looked through the box, going over my mental check list. New jacket, check; new base layer riding shirts, check; new base layer riding shorts, check. As my hand dug through the box I came across the invoice, along with a couple of bags of M&Ms with a sticker affixed telling me how much the company appreciated my business.

Think about that. The company I bought my gear from, Adventure Designs, has the presence to say thank you in a tangible way that I really appreciated. Online retailers make zillions of transactions every day, but how many actually do the little things that count, like saying thank you in such a memorable way?

Think about your business and how you can make small gestures that resonate. Are you telling your customers thank you in a way that stands out and makes them take notice? If you’re not, give it some thought. The famed business strategist Michael Porter from Harvard Business School introduced his famous “Value Chain” concept decades ago and it’s still a great concept to think about and consider. Porter basically outlines how competitive advantage can be developed by adding value at every step in the customer interaction, even in this case after the sale is made.

I can tell you that the M&Ms ensured I’ll remember the company.  Good on ya Adventure Designs!