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Measurement System Consulting/SMG DMO Measurement Model

Let SMG assist you in developing an overall marketing measurement system for your Destination Marketing Organization (DMO). We can work with you to create marketing measurement tools that will give you the most useful metrics and information your DMO requires to continually improve marketing efforts.

The SMG DMO Marketing Measurement Model is designed to focus on your organization and its Return on Investment (ROI) to the industry and community. Let our unique experience as a former DMO Board member and DMO executive work for you answer the questions of what measurements truly assess the effectiveness of your bureau.

DMO Website Return on Investment Study

As focus turns more and more to measuring ROI, DMOs are looking for methods to effectively measure their marketing programs. SMG’s DMO Website Return on Investment Study is a comprehensive approach to measuring the effectiveness of a DMO’s marketing programs. How?

  • We identify the impact your efforts have on driving those all-important incremental visits, and what the economic value is to your destination and to your funding sources.
  • We provide a thorough analysis of visitor travel behaviors, destination perceptions and attitudes.
  • We also provides demographic information of both visitors and non-visitors to your destination.

This is the study you’ll want to have to show your board, your city council and your county supervisors.

Advertising Conversion Study

Want to know how your advertising is working? The SMG Advertising Conversion Study allows a DMO to better understand the effectiveness of its advertising programs, and whether it is creating loyal customers for a destination. This study provides the following deliverables:

  • Measurement of your advertising recall.
  • Identify what people like about your destination.
  • Understand if your advertising had an impact on a visitor’s decision to visit the area (or if they decided not to visit).
  • Identify the efficiency of your marketing and advertising investments.