Organizational/Destination Change Strategy Development

DeathtoStock_Wired3smallChange is a necessary part of every destination. Every CEO has been asked to lead or be a part of change within his or her organization. This change can range in size and scope from the formation of a Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID) to a new marketing strategy, advertising campaign, or even something as small as a new logo design. No matter what the initiative, each of these requires change, each impacts stakeholders, and each impacts the status quo.

Destinations often do not recognize that their ability to change affects their competitiveness. The easier and more fluid this change is, the more competitive a destination can be.

When assisting destinations with change strategy, we provide an overview of the forces of change shaping the specific issue a DMO is focused on. We then develop a Change Map that outlines the strategies and action steps to successfully implement the desired change. Finally, we assist the organization at whatever level of support it deems necessary.

Key Objectives:

  1. Understand how the focus of change impacts your destination or organization.
  2. Develop a framework for leading change in your destination or organization.
  3. Understand those who support change, as well as those who resist change, and how to overcome resistance.
  4. Learn how to map your change strategy.
  5. Learn how to sustain the change strategy you would like to implement.

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