Navigating Change White Paper CoverFor years, SMG Consulting has closely studied the issue of change and how tourism destinations adapt to a constantly evolving operating environment. Changes within economic, political, competitive, social/cultural, and technology sectors influence society at large, and impact the broader Reno-Lake Tahoe tourism market.

To help the Reno-Lake Tahoe tourism industry and community to understand and take advantage of the evolving trends in order to remain competitive, SMG Consulting has published its latest white paper, Reno-Lake Tahoe Tourism Industry – Navigating Change.

“Tourism has always been the lifeblood of the region. But it is quickly changing as technology grows and consumer response adapts to engage with this new economy,” states Carl Ribaudo SMG Consulting President and white paper author. “Navigating Change is designed to serve as a catalyst for stakeholder discussion about how the region can compete more effectively to meet consumer demand in the shifting technological landscape.” stated Ribaudo.

Navigating Change identifies ten key trends that are impacting the region including shifting demographics and consumer behavior, the effect of California Tourism, the rise of the shared economy, climate change, increased destination air service, regional cooperation, and the impact of recreation, special events and arts and culture as profitable tourism generators. Ribaudo also discusses the human connection to the natural environment that is inspiring innovation by the Reno-Lake Tahoe community.

Download the Reno-Lake Tahoe Tourism Industry, Navigating Change white paper today. To schedule an interview with Carl Ribaudo, please call  (530) 541-2462, ext 101.