Tourism Research

tourism researchTourism Research

Visitor Profile Study

The SMG Visitor Profile Study is the classic destination study to understand the characteristics of those who are visiting your destination. It includes the following:

  • A thorough analysis of visitor travel behaviors, destination perceptions and attitudes.
  • Demographic information of visitors to your destination.

Note the information from a visitor profile study can be used for SMG’s new Destination Decisions™ program, which allows you to understand the economic implications of your marketing strategy and decisions.

Competitive Research

Better understand your competitors and how they might compare to your destination, program or organization. What are their key revenue drivers? How do their visitors view your destination, program or organization?

Brand Research

Understand the power or your brand and home your target and non-target segments. This study seek to identify the perceptions and how your brand in interpreted.

Special Events Research

Wouldn’t it be great to understand who is actually attending the events at your destination (locals, day visitors or overnight visitors?) in an effort to understand if your events are meeting their objectives? SMG’s Special Events Measurement allows a DMO to measure just that. The measurement includes the following insights:

  • Understand who is visiting your destination, their reason for visiting as well as their demographic profile.
  • Understand the economic impact of your special events on your destination.

Visitor Center Research

Does your destination have a visitor center? Wouldn’t it be great to not only understand why people are there but whether your DMO is being effective in developing incremental spending through the information presented at the visitor center? Thanks to SMG’s Visitor Center Research, you can.

  • Understand specifically how people find your visitor center.
  • Understand if your visitor center is presenting the kind of information that is generating incremental additional days spent in your destination or planting a seed for a future return trip.
  • Find out who is visiting your visitor center, their reason for visiting as well as their demographic profile.