SMG provides a full range of SEO services to drive targeted consumers to your website to influence them to visit your destination.


Increase Organic Traffic

Free web traffic is the goal of every online business, but it can also be the most challenging.  SEO is the key to success.

Influence Visitors

SEO will help your site perform at optimal levels to ensure your visitors have an excellent web experience.

Targeted Traffic

Your website will now be targeting the precise type of visitor you want to attract to your site;  someone looking to travel to your area!

This FREE SEO Report Reveals…


  • How your website is ranking against your competition.
  • Where your SEO strengths and weaknesses are.
  • What keywords your site currently ranks for.
  • How the Search Engines read and value your site.
  • What you can do to increase organic traffic.
  • & much more…



Every website needs a SEO site review done by professionals who know what to look for.

No matter what experience level of online marketer you are, getting a fresh pair of seasoned eyes looking over the details of your site is extremely valuable for rankings and user experience.

SMG Consulting is proud to offer a free website review & SEO Score with no obligation to sign up…None!

This is our way of showing you what we are made of and giving you the opportunity to fix major and minor issues on your website that can drastically hold back rankings, organic traffic and your ability to influence visitors. So what are you waiting for? All we need is some basic information about you and your site to help us get started.


A Strategic Performance Review for a thorough analysis of your site and current SEO practices.

Search Engine

Strategic Performance Review

The comprehensive review includes a thorough analysis of your site and current SEO practices. The Review is the essential piece of information that determines how online searches are finding your site. This Review determines the overall success of your DMO’s marketing efforts and it cannot be understated.

SEO Action Plan

This step includes a detailed Action Plan for your SEO. The Action Plan is developed to achieve the specific goals for the DMO. This process includes goal setting, action steps, measurements and the budget needed to achieve these goals.

Travel Marketing

SEO Management

This service includes ongoing management of SEO activities. SMG Consulting staff will implement the action plan and manage the SEO program for your DMO. This service includes managing a pre-approved budget and reporting.


 Are you ready to start to implement the On-page SEO Elements of your Action Plan ? This is the important foundation for any great online campaign and can be implemented in an existing site or even better during construction of a new site.


SMG provides a full range of SEO services to drive targeted consumers to your website to influence them to visit your destination.


When we look at the evolution of travel and tourism, the internet is the first place potential visitors come to research their travel plans.   This has made the website the hub of a DMO’s online presence.   In order to influence the visitors you must have a website that is both appealing and functions optimally on the web, so it is found.   The base is a well designed and optimized website, we call this On-page SEO.  We look at all the factors that the search engine and the visitor look at and create the most  efficient website that targets the ideal keywords and or searches.   Our goal is to get a site ready to increase organic traffic.

Than we start on the Off-Page SEO and all the factors that drive the searches and increase awareness to the site.   We work on created a large web of sites around your site to show the search engines how relative and important your site it.

So Why SEO for your site?

Increase Organic Traffic on the Web.

Mobile Optimization

Let’s start with these facts..

There are more mobile internet users than desktop internet users; 52.7% of global internet users access the internet via mobile, and 75.1% of U.S. internet users access the internet via mobile. (2016)

Consequently, the #1 search engine, Google started to significantly use mobile compatibility as a factor when ranking websites.

79% of userse who don’t like what they find on a mobile site will go look for ht einformation they need on an other site.

So what this means that your DMO site must as well be optimized for mobile visits. 

Top elements to consider

  1. Adjusting the content for viewing on desktop, tablets and mobile.   The fact is that if you are trying to serve up one site that is viewed on both you are losing a visitor.   One way to accomplish this is to revisit and shorten the content that is seen on the mobile view.  A visitor is less likely to read as much on their phone.  Use short concise directives.
  2. Images that make an impact on a desktop might loose some of that punch on a small screen.  Limit and adjust images to create a simple flow that ensures visitor retention.  As well this will make the site load quicker on a phone.
  3. Simplify call to action and forms.  You know the visitor is typing on a small touch screen as opposed to their keyword.  So make it easy fro them to take action.
  4. Make all your content shareable!
  5. Make your email and phone clickable!




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