By Kat Hood, SMG

Increasing organic traffic to your website isn’t easy. It takes dedication and focus. There are no shortcuts.
Studies show that 72% of all searches on Google result in a page one organic click. And, the first 5 organic search results account for 67% of all clicks.
No doubt, organic results are preferred over paid ad results.
Your SEO ranking is critical to your digital marketing success. So, what is vital to keep your SEO ranking towards the top? One essential element is content strategy.
Your SEO campaign efforts don’t exist in a vacuum, but are intimately related to your content marketing strategy. Marketing strategy should guide and shape your SEO. Here are 6 easy ways you can take to ensure your SEO is strategy-driven in 2018.

Establish Authority
You can only establish your authority in an industry by gaining your audience’s trust. By producing valuable content and developing relationships with both your readers and third-party publishers. Get your ideas—and yourself—out there! Show, don’t tell, your expertise.

Prioritize Your Objectives
Determine what your long-term goals are for creating content. Do you want to make a sale, inform and educate, or start conversations?

Learn More About Your Market
Learning more about your audience helps guide your approach to content marketing. Determine what they want to find, how you can reach out to them effectively, and how to convince them to act. Create content for people instead of search engines, and help nurture long-lasting relationships with your target market.

Choose the Right Platform or Channel
It is important to determine what type of content will communicate your message and attract more leads or visits effectively, and publish it on a channel your target market can access easily.

Hone Your Content Topic Modeling
Apply topic modeling concepts to keyword selection and content creation processes. This will allow you to create outlines for focused, relevant pieces of content your readers will love.

Monitor ROI
Your investment and what you stand to gain through your content marketing strategy depends on your initial goals. By monitoring your website’s traffic and other webs analytics, including the amount of times your content is shared, you can realign your strategies as needed. This will help you determine what kind of returns to expect and what to focus on next.

Lead with Strategy

Whatever the goals of your SEO campaigns for increasing visitors, let your marketing strategy ground, shape and guide them. Use these 6 ways as a starting point. Also, the SMG Consulting team can help evaluate and implement strategy and tactics for all your SEO marketing needs.

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