Focus on Unique Traveler Experiences

SMG Consulting has long advised DMO and tourism clients to focus more on customer experience offering rather than traditional accommodation, hospitality or transportation list cycles offerings or self-promotional stories.

Drawing on Skif Research’s 2018 U.S. Affluent Traveler Survey, TrekkSoft notes “that 67% of affluent travelers would rather spend their money on activities than on a nicer hotel, up 8% from last year.” 1

SMG Consulting continues to strongly advise DMO’s to focus on developing, packaging and communicating unique experience offerings to FIT travelers.

Focus on ecological tours, local experiences, multi-day tours, historical, cultural, artistic as well as more adventurous offerings, for example.

The demand for unique experiences is especially high among Millennials who love to share their life experiences with others. Focus on your destination’s unique experiences instead of informational lists or stories to increase your competitiveness.

Creative descriptions and stories of your destination’s unique experiences have a stronger appeal to travelers than just information-centered listings or stories, especially in the dreaming stage of their purchase journey. Go with the grain; Keep promoting and communicating your destination’s promise of interesting experiences a top priority.

1 TrekkSoft, Travel Trends Report 2019, p 9.