South Lake Tahoe, CA – The results of a groundbreaking study on motorcycle tourism will be presented for the first time at the upcoming Nevada Rural Roundup tourism conference in Pahrump, Nevada on April 18, 2013.  The study, a joint project between Strategic Marketing Group and Road Runner magazine, was designed to better understand motorcycle travelers’ perceptions, attitudes and behaviors with regard to their travel decisions.

“The study is designed to provide insights to this important niche market and what better place to present the information then in rural Nevada which offers touring riders incredible landscapes, vistas and local history?” noted Carl Ribaudo, President of Strategic Marketing Group.

The motorcycle touring segment is often overlooked as a growing niche market, and many in this segment do not use Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) in their trip planning. Only 19% surveyed in this study indicated using a DMO website in planning their trip. “The results suggest the Destination Marketing Organizations don’t recognize the opportunity to reach this segment, or are not familiar with how to reach this segment” added Ribaudo.

The study was conducted last fall in conjunction with Road Runner Magazine, a national magazine with a circulation of over 40,000. The study was conducted online and included over 3,900 responses.

For more information on this study and the results, please contact Carl at 530-541-2462 or  More information on Road Runner magazine can be found at, and information the Nevada Rural Roundup conference can be found at