SMG has a variety of special tourism programs including Tourism Business Improvement Districts, Agritourism strategies and motorcycle tourism.

 – Tourism Business Improvement Districts (TBID) – 

BID Funding has increased the competitiveness of destinations we can help you develop the right strategy for your destination.

Overall TBID Strategy

SMG identifies the potential challenges, opportunities and Return on Investment a community may achieve with a Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID). This comprehensive service is designed to take your tourism community from the basic concept of a TBID to determining the projected ROI your community might realize from the increased tourism dollars a TBID is designed to generate.

TBID Marketing

Once your TBID is in place, you’ll need to develop a marketing plan to ensure that the funds generated are invested in a way that generates increased revenue and ROI.

SMG has extensive experience developing tourism business improvement district specific marketing plans.

TBID Legal (With our partner firm Civitas)

SMG has exclusively partnered with Civitas, the most respected legal firm providing TBID legal services. Civitas has been involved in the development of many tourism TBIDs within the state of California. They offer excellent legal counsel and service in the formation of your TBID.

 – Ag Tourism Services – 

According to the California Agriculture journal, Agritourism is defined as, “Any business conducted by a farmer for the enjoyment or education of the public to promote the products of the farm and to generate additional farm income. It includes a variety of facilities and activities that are increasingly available and important to tourism destinations throughout the west, such as agricultural festivals, farm stand retail sales, farm visits, farm tours, demonstration farms, farm stays, wineries, bursary trails, and agricultural museums, culinary/cooking schools and educational field trips.[1]

By combining the marketing power of tourism industry with the uniqueness and diversity of local agriculture offers farmers and city/county entities the opportunity to diversify their operations and their revenue sources. Agritourism can take advantage of an already built tourism promotion infrastructure (the DMO currently marketing a city/county/region) or it can be the basis of developing a tourism industry in a region. In either situation agritourism provides the tourism industry with an additional reason for visitors to experience a region.


SMG Consulting Ag/Tourism Services

SMG Consulting brings together its unique expertise and knowledge of tourism agriculture to develop city and regional level Ag tourism strategies. SMG has an extensive base of knowledge with tourism and regional crop producers. We understand both the challenges and opportunities from an agricultural perspective and how to integrate current and future efforts into the broader tourism experience.

Our Ag/ Tourism services include

Ag/Tourism Strategy and Planning

This service includes the development of an overall strategy including the development of a vision, and strategic plan that includes a current situation analysis, SWOT analysis. Long-term goals and objectives, specific strategy elements and action steps to bring results.

Ag/Tourism Marketing Strategy/Action Plan

This service includes the development of an Ag/Tourism Marketing action plan. The plan identifies marketing goals and objectives, marketing strategies and specific tactical action steps with which to implement a results-oriented program

Ag Tourism Organizational Development

Looking to develop the right organization or improve the one you have in an effort to be more effective. SMG will develop the appropriate organizational structure to best implement your organizations strategies and programs.

 – Motorcycle Tourism Services – 

Motorcycle Tourism Consulting Services

The motorcycle tourism market is a little noticed but important travel niche.

While motorcycle riders have in the past been portrayed in a mixed light, the overwhelming majority of motorcyclists are active positive consumers that ride as a part of their lifestyle.

Destinations and lodging properties that actively pursue this important niche market can realize the benefits of an extremely loyal segment.


Key facts about the motorcycle tourism segment:

  • Approximately 5.2 million American adults went on an out of town, overnight trip of one or
    more nights every two years
  • The majority of motorcyclists, 2.9 million, report that motorcycling was the main reason for taking at least one trip in the past two years
  • Typically motorcyclists are male, 18-54 years with average HHI of $81,482
  • Motorcyclists tend to travel more frequently than the average US leisure traveler
  • They are more likely than the average U.S. traveler to engage in a wide range of outdoor
  • Most motorcyclists use the Internet for trip planning (76.9%) and over half (52.5%) have booked
    at least part of a trip online
motorcycle tourism


Consulting services to assist destinations, lodging properties and resorts on how to attract the lucrative and loyal motorcycle tourism market. We also advise manufacturers in dealing with destination for their motorcycle events.

Our experience in tourism marketing and strategy development and motorcycle tourism is unmatched.

SMG has assisted in the development of tourism marketing strategies for a wide range of destinations and state tourism offices. In addition, the President of SMG, Carl Ribaudo, has extensive motorcycle touring experience, providing you with the experience, insight and success to maximize the opportunity this market provides.


Motorcycle Tourism Consulting Services

– Overview Presentation

– Motorcycle Tourism Lodging Presentation

– Motorcycle Tourism Marketing Plan Development & Implementation

– Manufacturers Destination Consulting


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