I like to look at the world not by only focusing in what is around, but what is inside of me. I, just like anybody else, have been living in the globalization era. Everything is standard, normal, typical, average, usual, ordinary or the same. What about some differentiation here? Some thinking outside of the box? Is the world getting extremely boring or was I the only one who noticed it?

People are exhausted by the same “experience” that everybody seems to be trying to deliver to them in slightly different ways, over and over again. What about new, perhaps even unique experiences? Have we lost our creative edge? I don’t want to come into a city or town for that matter, eat at Chart House and sleep at the Marriott (no offense, I like those places), but I am craving for change inside the tourism industry. I want to stay at a B&B where the owner makes the breakfast with eggs that came from the guy down the street, back to basics, back to what it used to be before we became so the same. It may look like a personal opinion, but many people around me are into the same boat.

Let us take a moment to think how we can improve authenticity, in not only our lives, but also in our business, being a restaurant, a hotel or a shop. In today’s world, it is very important to find your niche, where your uniqueness lies. People are interested and are likely to give a chance to things that drift away from the everyday sameness. Give it a chance, you may like the results.